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Since [ profile] dhampyresa and I got chatting about favourite depictions of Doom in the comments of the last post, and I have folders full of collected scans of Doctor Doom pages, I thought I'd dig through them and compile a picspam of some of my favourite images.

40 pictures of varying size below the cut )
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This issue is mostly a setup issue, and Ultimate Doom only appears at the end, so it's a bit difficult to form an opinion on it at this stage.

But first, some quick background on the Ultimate Universe version of Doom. )

Ultimate FF #1 spoilers )
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I haven't been following the Incredible Hulk series, but apparently Doom's made an appearance. Maybe this is a sign that Amanda Von Doom - allegedly 'no relation' - is going to turn out to be connected to our Doom after all?
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The Comics Should Be Good blog at CBR has been doing a series on "meta-messages" in comics; issues where writers included scenes in response to something another creator did with the same characters (i.e., usually retconning or addressing what they saw as out-of-character moments).

Two of them have been Doom-focused so far: John Byrne responding to Chris Claremont letting Arcade disrespect Doom without consequences (possibly the first, and certainly the most famous, case of the "It was all a Doombot," retcon), and Dwayne McDuffie's response to Steve Englehart's infamous "Where's my money, honey?" issue of Hero For Hire (Englehart was a big one for rejecting the idea of Doom having an honour code and writing him indulging in every vice possible).
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This is a post I've been meaning to make for a while, but I was waiting on getting hold of some comics, and also, Marvel has been keeping this comm busy with a flood of high quality Doom appearances. (Long may it continue!) But now I've had the chance to get my scans together, I present a little bit of a Marvel universe history lesson.

Doom's origin is sadly not as well known as it could be, since adaptations like the movies and the Ultimate comics have a bad tendency to chop the whole thing out to avoid bringing magic into the story. That really does his character a great disservice, since not only is magic an important part of Doom's powerset, but it's his backstory that makes it so impressive and even semi-sympathetic that he became the supervillain we know today.

The epic history of Victor Von Doom )
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If you're not reading the Fantastic Four, now is one of the best times in decades to get into it. Since Dark Reign, the series has been in the hands of writer Jonathan Hickman, and he's slowly been unfolding a very well-planned story arc that gets more epic with each passing issue.

Reed's actions in Civil War and the seeming lack of consequences have been an elephant in the room in Marvel fandom for a long time. Hickman's finally come back to pick up that thread, but he's doing it in a smart and interesting way. Instead of just rehashing past events, one of the major underlying themes of his F4 run is digging into Reed's psychology, exploring how he ended up on this path and what kind of bad places it might be leading him. There's a lot of very clever character work going on behind the complex plots and big ideas.

The first act of Hickman's storyline has just drawn to a close, and we're now starting to see how the threads all pull together. There's a war coming, and a devastating future that needs to be avoided at all costs. Reed's own hubris may just be to blame for what's to come. And there's a message from the future warning that if they want to escape disaster, all hope lies in Doom...

Meta, some scanned panels, and a whole lot of enthusiastic rambling lie beyond the cut.

Spoilers for Dark Reign: Fantastic Four, Fantastic Four #570-588, and FF #1 )

So seriously, even if you've never been able to get interested in the Fantastic Four before, now is great time to take a second look. This is definitely the best writing this comic's had in years.


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