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Just a few quick, non-spoiler comments, since sadly there's no Doom at all in this issue. (In fact, in a bit of a bold move by Hickman, it doesn't feature any of the F4 characters either.) FF #6 is pretty much an interlude to the main story, going into the background of the Universal Inhumans. It's interesting, but probably confusing if you don't have some vague knowledge of the Kree and the Inhumans and/or haven't read Hickman's F4 run. Also, I've got to say Tocchini's art really dragged this down for me; he does a nice enough job on the cosmic stuff, but I really hate the way he draws faces.

Looks like issue #7 is a continuation of this interlude, so we may have to wait until next month to get back to Doom's part of the storyline. :( But I'm kind of intrigued to see that Hickman's making use of the new FF title to be more flexible in who he writes about. Maybe we can hope there'll be a completely Doom-centric issue at some stage.
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CBR has the lettered preview for FF #6. More pages than the last preview, and Tocchini's art is growing on me a bit, though there's still no glimpse of Doom yet. :/

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CBR has the unlettered preview for FF #7.

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Man, they're getting faster with these previews. I haven't even got my copy of FF #5 yet. :( Reviews tomorrow, hopefully, after I pick up that and Children's Crusade.
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Unlettered preview for FF #6 is up, but sadly there's no Doom to be seen as yet. Seems it's going to be a different artist again, though: Greg Tocchini. Doesn't look too bad, but I would have preferred if they'd stuck to splitting the duties between Kitson and Epting.

Also, CBR has the release date down as July 27th, which seems a little odd, because I thought FF #7 was supposed to be coming out in July as well. Hope this isn't a sign we're going to get delays and a parade of different artists because they're struggling to meet the schedule.


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