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The first of two good Doomy appearances this week!

Spoilers )

All in all, definitely quality stuff. (And dare I hope it's also a good intro to Doom for movieverse fans new to the comics who are following this title for Loki?) Very much looking forward to the next issue.
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CBR has the preview for Loki: Agent of Asgard #6.
The MARCH to AXIS continues!
• Loki’s back from the Tenth Realm - and facing his greatest challenge yet! Can you say... DOCTOR DOOM?
• But with Valeria Richards in the mix - who’s the hero of the story? And who’s the villain?
• A new jumping-on point for the series fans literally can’t get enough of! Grab it while stocks last, true believer!
• And looming in the wings: AXIS!
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An interview with Loki: Agent of Asgard writer Al Ewing mentions an upcoming Doom appearance in issue #6:

CV: Loki will be meeting Doctor Doom in the upcoming issue, and both characters were teased in the upcoming AXIS event. What can we expect from this meeting?

AE: We can expect a clash of the titans - two of the most iconic villains of the Marvel Universe, both trying to be better, each seeing the other as the bad guy. As Fantastic Four readers will know, Doom - assisted by Valeria Richards, one of the few people he has any time for - is trying his hand at altruism. So there are some definite thematic links between Doom and Loki right now - unfortunately, Doom thinks that one sure-fire way to do good for the world is to take Loki out of it. And he's one of the few mortals on the planet with the smarts and the ability to kill our favorite trickster god off.

Sounds promising! I haven't been reading Agent of Asgard, though I like the look of the scans I've seen, but I know and love Al Ewing's writing from his 2000AD work.


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