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Title: Cultural Relativity
Pairings: None
Rating: PG
Length: 1100 words
Summary/Prompt: Written for [ profile] dark_fest 2012, for the prompt "Victor looks around a crowded college party and thinks, none of these people have watched a man die."

Cultural Relativity )
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Title: Statistical Anomalies
Pairings: College-era Reed Richards/Victor Von Doom
Rating: PG
Length: 7600 words
Summary: Reed has a gift for fitting anomalous data into logical, reasonable-sounding theories. That's not always a good thing.

Written for [ profile] soda_and_capes for Yuletide 2011.

Statistical Anomalies )
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Title: Future Prospects
Pairings: None
Rating: G
Length: 1200 words
Summary: How Victor Von Doom joined the Future Foundation.

Written for [ profile] bofoddity for Yuletide 2011.

Future Prospects )
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Title: Only Smile When I Lie
Summary: OKAY, normally I pull a line from the story as a summary, but I can't find a good one that summarizes SUPERVILLAINS IN LOVE, WAIT, IS LOVE THE RIGHT WORD? YES? PROBABLY? That's what this is about. Also mortality! Monsters! Armor! Asexuality! Gender! Violence! TRUE SUPERVILLAIN LOVE, YES.
Rating/warnings: PG-13.
Characters/pairing: Loki/Doctor Doom.
Disclaimer: I don't own them.
Notes: All the thanks to [ profile] cause_to_effect and [ profile] bluestalking for providing all the best Loki bits and to [ profile] cause_to_effect for the beta. Also thanks to everyone who heard me mention this fic over the last five months and said they actually wanted to read it. This touches comics canon at one or two points that are mostly Siege and Journey Into Mystery. Ignores Children's Crusade and pretty much anything else you can think of, except the movie, which it doesn't ignore. Makes reference to Ouroboros and kingmaker, but you don't need to read either of those to understand this. Oh, and the title is from Hall & Oates' "Kiss on My List." Yes. It is.
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Title: Fantastic Four: 1875
Fandom: Fantastic Four (Marvel Comics)
Rating: PG
Prompt(s): S – Steampunk & W – Western for [info]au_abc , Historical: Western for [info]au_bingo .
Summary: “All you’re gonna need to understand stranger is when that freaky ball of fire burns in the sky, the Fantastic Four are riding the trail... and ain’t no man white, brown or red gonna stop ‘em.” An AU Reimagining the first of Marvel’s Silver Age Heroes if they and their respective enemies had first appeared during the era of the Old West. Features mentions of some of the traditional Marvel Western Characters. Answers the prompt of ‘Western’ for both [info]au_abc and [info]au_bingo .

“Oh, howdy stranger – didn’t see you come in. The Name’s Willie, Willie Lumpkin."

Might I suggest having a 'Fic: AU' Tag incidently? That would be great as I do have some future AU's and Crossovers with Doom in mind. :)
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There's a sad lack of Doctor Doom fanfiction out there, so I've compiled a list of links to all the Doom-focused fanfic I've found in various places around the web. No guarantees of quality, I'm afraid, and please note that no warnings are given as I haven't necessarily read everything.

In the character listings, 'Doom' stands for current day supervillain Doom and 'Victor' for Victor pre-armour.

Last updated: 7 August 2013. Recent additions are marked (+)

Fanfiction of Doom )

If you know of any other Doomfic, please drop me a link. (And if you've written any, please do post it to the comm!)


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