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Well, that really sucks. So close to coming out, too. I wonder what happened there?

I guess it's better than getting an unfinished mini, but still, I would have liked to have seen it. It seems like Spencer got the scripts done, so maybe it could still see the light of day in some form in the future.

Bah. Doom is displeased.

Edit: According to Bleeding Cool, it was cancelled due to Becky Cloonan having family issues that prevented her from getting the art done, so it's not impossible that it will be resurrected at some point. Apparently Marvel's still keen on the series, so that's something.

Edit the Second: ...And now it appears that Bleeding Cool was going with the tried and tested journalistic method of 'making stuff up' when they were claiming Becky Cloonan didn't turn in any interior art, so who the hell knows what actually happened? Aargh.
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IFanboy has a first look at Marvel's December soliticiations. CBR also has some other Avengers and event-related stuff. Looks like Marvel's playing scavenger hunt with its solicits again this month, so there may be more to come, but these two cover everything I'm expecting Doom-wise.

Doom-related releases for the month of December )
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Marvel's apparently scattering its November solicits around different comics sites in a series of mini exclusives; IGN has the full solicit info for Victor Von Doom #1.

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CBR has the full scoop. It's a four part mini-series about the teenage Victor's first attempt to free his mother's soul from hell.

This looks awesome. I don't really know Nick Spencer's writing, but the Becky Cloonan art is gorgeous, and the comments from both of them are really, really encouraging - they talk about Books of Doom and Triumph and Torment, two of my favourite takes on Doom ever, and Cloonan says this is practically her dream comic. Mine too. I am so excited.


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