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I knew this issue was going to be awesome ever since I saw that cover of Doom and Wanda together, but even so, it managed to totally exceed my expectations. A very, very great issue for Doom fans.

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Well worth the extended wait in every way - fantastic issue. Let's just hope the next one makes it out on time and doesn't get delayed; two months is a cruel enough time to have to wait it is.

20 Icons

Aug. 29th, 2011 12:05 am
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From Avenger's:Children's Crusade, the Victor Von Doom cover, FF, Iron Age, and Super Hero Squad.

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So, no Doom in this issue. I wasn't really expecting him to have much role with all that's going on, but given that the cover for issue #7 makes it pretty clear he's coming back, I was kind of hoping we'd get another dramatic last page reveal. Guess we'll have to wait till August to find out what that awesome cover image is all about.

In the meantime, plenty of interesting stuff is going on with Wanda.

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This miniseries is one of the main reasons I ended up founding this comm, since it's getting a lot of well-deserved love all over the place, but everyone else is talking about the Young Avengers or the fallout from House of M, and I just want to talk about Doom all the time. :)

Spoilers up to Avengers: Children's Crusade #5 )

This whole thing feels like a really old-school take on Doom - in a good way. And Cheung's art is fantastic. The worst thing about this comic is that it only comes out every other month. Is it June yet?


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