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Well, the comic's already been cancelled, but there are still four issues to go...

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This series continues to be a very promising start, and I'm definitely eager for more.
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This issue is mostly a setup issue, and Ultimate Doom only appears at the end, so it's a bit difficult to form an opinion on it at this stage.

But first, some quick background on the Ultimate Universe version of Doom. )

Ultimate FF #1 spoilers )
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It seems that the Ultimate Universe version of Doctor Doom is coming back in the new Ultimate FF title. He's on the cover to Ultimate FF #3 and according to an interview with the writer:

The mystery fifth character will be someone with a lot of bad blood with the rest of the team, but a key figure in saving the universe -- Fialkov said it represents the team moving past their differences, and learning to work together.


Fialkov reveals that fifth member: The goat-legged Ultimate Doctor Doom.


"And Doom is the greatest man who ever lived, as far as he's concerned," Fialkov added. "Many of the things he's being blamed for, he has no idea what they're talking about. We get to see where he's been, and a new origin that's changed him from who he was when we last saw him and the man he is today." It's a redemption story for both Doom and Sue Storm, Fialkov said.

I haven't been keeping up with the Ultimate Universe for a while now, outside of some of the Ultimate Spidey TPBs, but I followed the original Ultimate Fantastic Four run and I always wanted to see a retcon to the terrible way Ultimate Doom was killed off in Ultimatum, so consider me intrigued. If that is retconned to be a Doombot/impostor, then he really didn't have much opportunity to do anything particularly evil in the UU, so this could be a chance to see a version of Doom as a good guy. Don't know either of the creators involved, but I'm definitely tempted to check this series out.


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