Infamous Iron Man #11

The big reveal of what's going on is finally here, and I have to say, I love it.

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‘Doctor Doom’: Noah Hawley Developing New Movie at Fox

The creator and showrunner of both “Fargo” and “Legion” announced he’s developing a movie version of “Doctor Doom” at Comic-Con Thursday evening.

At the very end of the “Legion” panel, Hawley asked to make one last statement before the crowd left. After mentioning that he had been developing a film at Fox and how Comic-Con was the perfect venue to unveil it, Hawley hinted at his big new project.

“I’ll just say two words: The first one is ‘doctor’ and the second one is ‘doom.'”

- Article on Indiewire.

Yet another stab at a Fantastic Four movie by Fox, it seems. Even if this one's going to be more Doom-centric, I'm not exactly super optimistic unless it unexpectedly turns out to be a collaboration with Marvel.
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Dreamwidth relocation

This is now the main base for the former [ profile] doomfans community on LiveJournal, and future updates will only be made here and at /doomfans on Imzy. All past entries and comments have been imported - if you still have the original LJ account they were made under, you can take ownership of them by claiming your OpenID.
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LiveJournal vs Dreamwidth?

Okay, so a lot of people who've held out on LiveJournal for a long time are now making a move to Dreamwidth due to the recent ToS changes. This has always been a small comm and I'm not sure how many of the original membership are still here lurking or have already left the site, so, a question for the remainder: would you prefer [ profile] doomfans to remain here on LJ or relocate to Dreamwidth?

I'm not going to delete the LJ version of the comm or my personal LJ whatever's decided (apart from anything else, all the image hosting on older entries is through LJ scrapbook) but if we do make a move to Dreamwidth I'd rather just make a clean break and only post there than faff about with crossposting. If you don't have/want a Dreamwidth account it would still be possible to comment on the DW version using your LJ account via OpenID.

So... what do you guys want to do?

[Poll #2066374]

I recently turned off anonymous commenting here to prevent an influx of spam (possibly another reason to move to DW?) but have now turned it back on so anybody who's already deleted their LJ can leave a comment. Or you can contact me on Dreamwidth at [info]nomadicwriter. (And don't forget the comm already has a sister version on Imzy.)