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The preview for Infamous Iron Man #1 is here, and opens with an intriguing flashback to the days of the Cabal. I've got to say, I'm excited for this book!
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Just a heads-up that [ profile] doomfans now has a sister community on Imzy at /doomfans!

I'm not usually an early adopter of these things, but Imzy seems to be gaining some traction with former LiveJournal/Dreamwidth people and has a community-based setup, so I thought I'd stake out the space. I'll be crossposting the same comic reviews and news I do here, though I may also do more image posts over there because the drag-and-drop image posting is much less of a faff than LJ scrapbook.

Imzy's still in closed beta at the moment, so unfortunately you can't see the comm without signing up, but it only requires an email address, no other personal info. If you request an invitation at the link to the comm I can approve it for you, though note that I will see your email address.

Quick preview of what stuff looks like on Imzy for the curious. )

There's also an existing /doomtony community for fans of Doctor Doom/Tony Stark.
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Doom's getting a solo comic! More specifically, an Iron Man comic, "Infamous Iron Man". It's going to be taking over the slot of International Iron Man in the wake of Civil War II and running alongside the main Invincible Iron Man comic. Solicit, courtesy of this CBR article:

There is a new Iron Man in town and his name is VICTOR VON DOOM. The greatest villain of the Marvel Universe will try something new. Where Tony Stark failed, Doom will succeed. What is Doom's Master Plan?
32 PGS./Rated T+ ...$3.99

And here's the cover for #1.

Quite excited for this, actually! It's still written by Bendis, whose take on Doom I'm not all that wild about, but that's a nicely high-profile creative team which together with the Iron Man twist should give it a pretty strong launch and hopefully prove that an ongoing starring Doctor Doom is a viable concept to run with. And it means a regular monthly fix of Doom content! Roll on autumn.
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No actual Doctor Doom appearance this time around, so not a proper recap/review, just a few quick thoughts on the ongoing storyline.

Tiny Spoilers )
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This comic takes place post Secret Wars, so implied spoilers for the outcome. (Though the details still remain mysterious.) I haven't managed to grab issue #1 yet since Unexpected Doom Was Unexpected, but that was only a cameo appearance anyway, so, onward.

Spoilers )
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After a long wait and ridiculous number of delays, issue 6 is finally here!

Spoilers )
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I'm not dead! And neither is this comm. (I'm just woefully failing at keeping track of what's going on in comics at the moment.) This post is a bit of a multi-recap of several recent comics, partly because my comic shop got one of them in late, and partly because the story's - slightly - more comprehensible taken in larger chunks. Spoilers below the cuts.

New Avengers #33 )

Secret Wars #1 )

Secret Wars #2 )

Summary and Thoughts )


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