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As seen in the preview, Riri Williams heads to Latveria to confront Doom and tell him to stop playing Iron Man. Doom's back in Latveria to do some meditation in hopes of revisiting the strange vision he had back in issue #6. Since that occurred during a fight, he gets Riri to zap him to recreate the conditions. He returns to the vision and finds himself in a far future world - where he meets Tony Stark, dressed as the Sorcerer Supreme. Meanwhile, in NYC, Reed tries to convince Ben that he's the real thing by sharing some memories, and asks Ben to trust him; he's come here to tell Ben that he has to kill Doom.

Hmm. Well, some mixed feelings about this issue. Nice to see the plot moving! It's good to have Tony brought back into things (though I'm eyebrow-raising a bit at the idea of him potentially having learned to do magic) and I'm curious about what explanation we're going to get for why he's contacting Doom. And I definitely want to see how Ben reacts to evil Reed's offer. (Crossing my fingers for Ben pretending to play along and then going to team up with Doom instead; I struggle to believe he'd buy this OOC insistence on killing Doom as the real Reed, especially after his most recent weird encounter with Doom.)

OTOH, I thought Bendis's Doom voice got a bit sloppier this issue, maybe because he was doing the back and forth banter thing with Riri. Nothing terrible, but little things kept pinging me as subtly off - a bit too casually chatty in places and somehow just not quite right in ways I struggle to put my finger on.

The artwork didn't get so much to do this issue, either, since there's an awful lot of scenes of stationary people talking to each other in the dark. Some nice panels of Riri in Latveria, though - I continue to love the amount of personality Maleev gives both Iron Man suits just through posture. His take on Reed looks fairly youthful to me, but I can't quite decide whether that's intentional because he's supposed to be Ultimate Reed, or just the way Maleev happens to draw him. The colouring is mostly so shadowy it's hard to get a clear look either way.

So, anyway, all in all, I guess I liked all the setup being established here but was a bit meh on the execution of this particular issue? Roll on next month, then.
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